Summerproof legs!

When do you start preparing your legs for the skirts and summer dresses and how do you do so? I normally start thinking of it too late (oops!). In May we had some beautiful weather, so recently I really executed my plan step by step plan, in order to get my legs summerproof. I used my favorite body products with the sunny fragrance strawberry-anise. Here my to-do list.

1. Scrubbing
Take a long bath ritual and take the time to scrub your legs thoroughly. Let’s make all the dead skin cells go away! For a wonderful summer feeling you can use the sunny fragrance Fruit Emotions scrub salt strawberry-anise. This scrub is enriched with oil from coconut and tangerine together with the fine sea salt from the Caribbean Sea and Indian Ocean. After the scrubbing your legs will feel wonderfully soft.

2. Waxing
Sheaving, waxing, epilating, it does not matter which one you chose but your legs need to become super smooth again. Make sure you do it carefully.

3. Treating
Give your legs a little time after sheaving and then spoil them with a body lotion. The Greenland Fruit Emotions body lotion strawberry-anise (same fragrance as scrub) can be found in a pump bottle. Handy and hygienic! However if you have very dry legs, you can better treat your legs with a creamy body butter

4. Fragrancing
To enjoy the fragrance of your body lotion or body butter even longer, you can spray your body with a Greenland Fruit Emotions body mist strawberry-anise (again the same fragrance!). Also refreshing during the hot summer days and especially when you store the body mist in the refrigerator!

Good luck and let’s hope on lot of sunny days! My legs are summerproof.

About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

Summerproof legs!