Why strawberries are good for your skin

Strawberries are not only delicious to eat (especially during this season), but did you also know that strawberries are extremely good for the skin? They contain a lot of vitamin C, antioxidants and water.


The reason that these fruits have a good impact on your skin, comes through the amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C makes sure that your resistance stays on the right level. The fruit itself is tender, soft and healthy and that is exactly what this fruit does for your skin: it makes the skin soft, supple, radiant and fresh. Strawberries have a cleansing and tightening effect on the skin and also consist of vitamin E and B6. Besides what is good for internal use (food and drinks), is also good for external application.

You probably understand why we are thrilled about the strawberry-anise product range. The products consist of at least 95 percent ingredients of natural origin. It is great to indulge yourself with a body lotion mousse or by scrubbing yourself with the gentle scrub granité. But also the lip balm has interesting features like cacao butter, jojoba oil, shea butter and beeswax, especially if your lips are a little bit dry



About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

Why strawberries are good for your skin