A soft, smooth and moisturized skin in Winter, thanks to dragon fruit body butter

After running in the Winter, there’s nothing like a hot bath, a pampering ritual that I always end with a good body butter. In this way, I do not only keep my body, but also my skin in good condition. I love balance in my life and I am also of the opinion, that after a good work-out you can take some time for yourself. My favorite bathing ritual consists of the following steps and different products: shower gel, face mask and body butter. I start with hot (very hot!) water, many shower gel (preferably with the scent combination Fruit Emotions Dragon fruit-white tea). If you pour the shower gel in the bath, with the running water, it will turn into a delicious foam. Then lock the door and start bathing!

Body butter dragon fruit: not only beautiful but also very nice

The Dragonfruit is a fascinating fruit, both in terms of form and color. Dragonfruit is purple on the outside, and having white flesh with black pips on the inside. There is not a lot of flavor to the fruit, but the smell is delightful – especially in combination with white tea. The creamy body butter is exactly what my skin needs in Winter in order to stay hydrated and smooth.

A delicious bathing ritual, from lots of hot water to applying creamy body butter

Back to the bathing ritual: delicious in bath, reading a book and simpy enjoying. Once a week I complete the ritual and also take a Fruit Emotions face mask while bathing. Of course with the smell dragon fruit-white tea. It is a ready-to-use mask, so no extra handling needed before applying. The smell fits exactly to the dragon fruit body butter, of course, that keeps your skin wonderfully smooth.

Dragon fruit body butter

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But the best moment of my bathing ritual is yet to come. That is not only enjoying the showergel and face mask. … The highlight is – after drying – the use of a body butter in my favorite fragrance: dragon fruit-white tea. Believe me! Because of your warm skin, the body butter will melt when applying. A big advantage: the body butter absorbs rapidly without feeling greasy aferwards. It leaves you with a super soft skin that, in addition, also smells delicious. Try for yourself and enjoy!

About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

A soft, smooth and moisturized skin in Winter, thanks to dragon fruit body butter