Skin protection against the sun

The sunshine on your skin is a very pleasant feeling, it does not only make us happy but research shows that the sunlight directly influences our hormones. Due to the fact that the sunlight enhances our immune system because more white blood cells are created under the influence of the sun which protects our body against viruses and bacteria. So you do not have to worry to much about the bad influences of the sun, at least… if you handle it properly. It is important to protect your skin with skin protection, since to much sun is not good either. We give you a few handy tips how you can handle skin protection.

Cover yourself a few times a day with a good sun block. Do you intend to enjoy a full day on the beach underneath a burning sun? Make sure you will apply the sun block a few times a day, because a sun block does not work the entire day but will end after a few hours. So you will definitely need to use it more than once.

Skin protections includes the lips.


Often the lips are being forgotten but also these body parts can burn easily. Make sure you protect your lips with a protection factor and treat them afterwards with a nourishing lip balm.


Do not forget your hands!


When you are covering yourself with a sun block do not forget the upper side of your hands. Use the last bit of sun block when applying it onto the skin of your hands, because also these need to be cared after. After a lovely day at the beach you can pamper your hands a little extra with a nourishing hand cream.


A hat or a cap it depends on the day

It is not just the skin of your body that needs sun protection, it also counts for the scalp. And unfortunately this is also one of the body parts that is often forgotten. Even if you have a lot of hair, you still have to make sure your skin is being protected. You know that a sun block is pretty difficult to use, so why not using a hat or a cap to prevent your scalp for sun exposure.

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Skin protection against the sun