Medical waste management includes the process of transportation, recycling of waste, and disposal and collection of waste material to minimize the chance of infections and risks. Medical waste is mostly hazardous waste. It contain harmful drugs and microorganisms. It is important that the entire medical disposal were properly defused from time to time. To secure from infected bacteria, medical waste management made advanced strategies to protect the environment. Any waste which is generated by the health camps, research activities, and treatment activities is involved in medical waste management. There are 4 types of medical waste. These are:-

Infectious Medical Waste

Infectious waste includes that type of waste generated from animal tissues, human tissues, bandages that soaked blood, gloves that are used in surgery, and swabs also. Some infectious waste also contains pathogens that were labeled pathological. In this type of waste, the chances of infection are maximum. Infectious waste management removes waste that contaminated body fluids, blood, autopsies wastes, etc.

Hazardous Medical Waste

Hazardous Medical waste is waste that affected humans in noninfectious ways. It includes all industrial as well as medical chemical waste like sharps, scalpels, old drugs, etc. many companies remove this type of waste and this is very dangerous waste that should be removed seriously. Hazardous waste management is reducing the toxicity, of hazardous wastes and controlling harmful substances so that they can’t affect later.

Radioactive Medical Waste

Radioactive medical waste is produced during the treatment of cancer and by using medical pieces of equipment and therapies. Pathological waste which is produced by radioactive material is considered radioactive waste. This waste should be removed by the management for protecting the environment. Radioactive waste management removes and controls the waste in such a manner that in the future they didn’t appear hazardous.

General Medical Waste

General Medical Waste includes that waste, which is generated by the office, houses, etc. general waste involves plastics, paper bags, wires, etc which we can’t count in the previous three points. Most business removes their waste by themselves, but if in case if someone wants to properly dispose of waste then they can go through with many professional companies.  Most of the waste comes under general waste because household and office waste involves liquids, paper, plastics, etc.


We can say that there are types of associations with types of hospitals. In government as well as in private hospitals, the disposal process is followed by all. We analyzed that all types of hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical researchers, etc were handling their waste management and securing from infected waste.  Medical waste management takes safety measures very seriously and strictly. They disposed of the area properly as there are different kinds of waste which we mentioned earlier, so the deposing technique is also different for each. Dispose of all medical waste is the responsibility of medical management. To reduce the risk of spreading infections and various types of diseases, the management needs to check their management that they work properly or not.


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