I love body mist

I love delicious smells: light and heavy, floral and spicy. Every day I use them and actually, I even spray on multiple moments on the day. In addition to my ‘regular’ bottles eau de parfum, I use a body mist, or body spray since a few years now.  I discovered the body mist a few summers ago in France and I can say, I am quite a heavy user right now.

Did you know this about body mist?

All moments, that you want to smell delicious but subtle, a body mist really is the solution. To summarize, a body mist is ‘light and refreshing ‘. The reason a body mist smells so delicately, is because there are relatively less perfume in it. A large part of the product consists of water and in some cases there a little bit of alcohol is added. That’s why the scent of a body mist is less strong and remains generally up to 2 hours.  Please note the following. Important for a body mist is the so-called ‘actuator ‘ (the spray area). You can you imagine what happens when you are using a body mist with a ‘normal ‘ spray. Spray well a few times and you’re pretty wet (not really your intention!). So pay attention, when buying a bodymist, to the atomization. The finer the atomization, the better.


When can you use a body mist?

* A bodymist is great to use on summer days. Especially with ‘sweaty weather’, you want to smell nice. On those days, the mist is a good alternative for fragrances with a lot of alcohol in it. Advice from my friend: store your bodymist during the warm months in the refrigerator. Once you use it, you will have an instantly refreshing effect.
* A bodymist can in addition, also be used 365 days a year in your own bathroom. It can be applied after every bath and shower ritual. If you spray it immediately after drying, your pores are open and the scent will stay longer. Then afterwards, on the couch in your onesie with a book and your favorite fragrance…
* My own favorite moment of using the body mist, has to do with sports. I always carry a body mist in my sportsbag. So after showering in the gym, I spray and immediately feel and smell fresh.

Other bodymist advices

* Spray the body mist on your bed, sheets and pillows. Your entire bedroom will smell clean and fresh. Do not forget to check if there is alcohol in your mist. This can cause stains on silk or satin bedding.
* Use the mist as clothing freshener. After a night out or an evening of cooking, your clothes can have some unpleasants smells. These odors disappear quickly if you hang the clothes in the fresh air and then spray some mist on them.

In short: a body mist is a versatile product and nowadays available in many sizes and flavors. My favorite is the body mist strawberry-anise, available in a handy bottle of 75 ml.

About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

I love body mist