In the month since the release of Pokemon GO, it has already been downloaded more than hundred million times. It’s not hard to see why this game is so popular with its simple setup and addictive gameplay. To start playing this game, first of all, get a device such as a smartphone that has an excellent internet connection. After that, you can download the game software from any app store. After downloading the game software, you have to make a pokemon go account to play this game.

Aim Of The Game

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. You can download the free app and take on a Pokemon adventure in your city, visiting PokeStops and Gyms with fellow players. In the game, players roam around in real-world locations to find virtual creatures which inhabit their physical surroundings. Over one hundred billion Pokemon that you can collect and battle your friends for rewards.

By scanning the geographical location of your device’s location, you can catch Pokemon that have been hiding in the real world. Then, you can train them to become more powerful Pokemon by collecting these monsters. As you’re probably aware, Pokemon games involve playing different types of monsters against one another for fame and glory. The typical thing about Pokemon go is that the game is now available everywhere. You can also play it anywhere as long as you have a mobile network.

Why Are People Attracted Toward This Game?

Pokemon GO is a game where you can catch the monsters hiding in your town. It is available on both iOS and Android devices by registering a pokemon go account. No matter where you are, you will be able to catch Pokemon. You can catch the Pokemon, which will be in various environments, such as urban areas and suburbs, parks and fields, forests, caves, mountains and mountains.

You can also use different methods to battle with the Pokemon already caught. This is where most of the fun starts. This convenient game has something for everyone; no matter what generation of gamer you are, there’s a Pokemon out there for you.

Its Popularity In Youth

Pokemon Go has seen more interest among young people than older generations. However, this is not a game that older players should ignore. The average age of the players is 25 years old, and it is still quite popular among young players in their teens and 20s. This game puts the fun into more walking activity, which older players shouldn’t underestimate.

It’s such an exciting game that a gamer has always wanted because it is very adventurous and enjoyable. Pokémon exist worldwide, but they are often found only near water or in highly populated areas. By using augmented reality to allow players to hunt Pokemon worldwide, the app brings people together who usually only meet through social media or public events.

If you are not playing this exciting and popular game, you should create a pokemon go account because it’s the better option to pass the time.