How I revive my skin after a day of sunbathing

I enjoy being outside with sunny weather. Sunshine on my skin is a pleasant feeling, it makes me happy and research also shows that the sunlight directly influences our hormones. So you do not have to worry to much about the side-effects of the sun, at least… if you handle it properly. It is important to protect your skin in the sun, but also to pamper it after the sun. I want to tell you about my aftersun-skin-solution: Milky body butter coconut milk-lime.


Apply and reapply & drink
I get sunburned quite rapidly. So I cover myself with a good sun block (at least SPF30) – and I will certainly not forget my feet and nose, my delicate skin parts when sunbathing! And I apply, reapply and reapply as much as needed from head to toe. Often lips are also forgotten but they can burn easily. So I protect my lips with a protection factor as well. For sure I keep on drinking water!


After the sun
What your skin needs after a beach day, is caring and moisturizing. When it comes to moisturizing in summer, the general advice is to go for a thick and creamy, soft formula. Since I have a sensitive skin, I prefer Greenland Milky body butter. This thick butter really is a treat for my skin; for it is silky smooth, creamy and nourishing. Interesting as well: the Milky range is based on vegetable milks plus other carefully selected ingredients. This makes Greenland Milky very suitable for the dry and sensitive skin – and the slightly sunburned skin as well and for vegetarians and vegans.


Summery fragrance

The most summery fragrance is –without doubt- coconut. So When applying Milky body butter with coconut milk-lime fragrance, I’ll keep my tropical atmosphere the rest of the day. You guess… my aftersun lip balm is Greenland lip balm coconut!

About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

How I revive my skin after a day of sunbathing