Fragrance impact, what scents can do with you

One of the many things we hear is that all of our products smell so delightful. And of course we are very pleased to hear this, because we do our utmost best to create the ultimate pampering moment for you including fragrance experience. But what can fragrances do with you? And what is the effect of different fragrances or with other words the fragrance impact? Well come on read on!


Fragrance impact on your feelings


Throughout the day we smell litterly everything, but we are not always aware that we are smelling something. This is because we do it unconsciously, without us knowing fragrances have a certain impact on everyone. Fragrances are captured in our brains. As soon as you smell a certain fragrance the brains will process the smell and gets back to you with a link whether or not the fragrance has have a positive association with something. The vegetable soup of grandma for example, as soon as you smell it, you probably have a positive feeling. But also the scent of flowers can make us happy. There are many products with a certain fragrance that can create a positive vibe. The same counts for bodycare or skincare products. However a fragrance is also personal, not everyone likes the same scent. We add fragrances to our products where we know they have a positive feeling on you. Fragrances that will make you relaxed, that will give you a fresh and happy feeling. Like for example the exotic combination of coconut and papaya that is available in the home perfume sticks. Or what do you think of the scent of grapefruit and ginger which are mixed in the Fruit Emotions shower gel? Or a light perfume like the body mist in fragrance combinations like strawberry-anise, lime-vanilla and papaya-lemon. The body mist can be applied on any period of the day, and you will have a relaxing fragrance surrounding you.


About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

Fragrance impact, what scents can do with you