Extra care during the summer period

Days like this create a summer feeling pretty quickly. On each corner of the street you will find people with shorts, skirts or dresses and the terraces are completely full of people who are enjoying the sun. Lovely and why won’t they? The sun is shining so lets enjoy it! Pay a little extra care during the summer period over your body to make sure you will not become a red lobster. With these few tips you will keep your skin in great shape while enjoying the lovely weather.


Keep on using it!


Do you want to take some extra care of your skin then make sure that you are always using a sun block with a good sun protection factor. Yes also when you are heading towards the office. Most day creams already have a sun protection included, but for a good protection it is better to go for a high sun protection factor. Not only when you are going to the beach or a nice picknick but also when you are heading to the supermarket. So keep on using it!


Your skin will create more pigments during the summer months, this means that it is more likely that you will face more dead skin cells than normally. To get a beautiful and even tan you can exfoliate yourself during your next me-time moment. Use a soft scrub particle for your delicate skin like your face while applying a rougher scrub particle on remaining body pars such as your legs.

Extra care for your lips!


Everyone has experienced dry lips at least once during there life and especially during the winter period, but actually it also occurs during the summer. Due to the sun and perhaps due to the many good talks on the terrace your lips are getting dry more quickly. Keep them moisturized by applying a lip balm onto your lips a couple of times during the day. Perhaps one with a fruity tast!


Shiny legs

As soon as the sun is going to shine it is time to show of those beautiful legs! But again, don’t forget to take some extra care.. Make sure your legs are well hydrated so they will look stunning under that (newly bought) dress. Why not making it a habit of taking some extra care of your legs after a sunbath?

About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

Extra care during the summer period