Duration of Greenland products

We get many questions about the duration of bodycare products. There is a difference between the duration of one product versus the other product in the market. Therefore we would like to give you more information about this of the Greenland products.


When a product is less than 30 months durable the manufacturers are obliged to communicate the expiry date on the packaging. This number is about the unopened expiration date of a packaging which is still closed. But a product, of course, also loses shelf life when the tin or tube has been opened. The duration of a product which has been opened is indicated by the PAO-symbol, which stands for Period After Opening. Also for this it only implies for products that are less than thirty months durable. With help of these numbers you do not only know how long you can store a product until you are actually using it, but it also indicates how long it will stay good after opening. Perhaps you are wondering, how we know the duration of the a product? Well during the manufacturing process the duration of a product will be tested extensively, according to internationally-used methods. Luckily most of our products have guaranteed a longer durability than 30 months, and of course the PAO-symbol shows how long you can store your opened product. However there are a few products with a shorter durability, where we show you the expiry date. Symbol duration

On our products you will find a tin with a lid, that is the PAO-symbol. If it states 12M it means that the product has a durability of 12 months, but this could also be 6M or 20M. Do you have still any questions about the durability of these products? Please do not hesitate to contact us via info@greenlandbodycare.com.



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Duration of Greenland products