The dragon tiger game is a card game that is way too popular among Asian players. Basically, such a card game uses 52 standard decks of cards with no wildcards or jokers. Such a card game is played with 6 or 8 decks, and players have to choose the bets on dragon or tiger. Also, the dealer drew out one card from both sides, competing with each other.

In simple words, the ไพ่เสือมังกร follows the same betting system like the baccarat game. However, the rules of such card games are way too simple; this means it is the easiest and straightforward one to play. If you also play such a game, you can receive a lot of money amount.

The players just have to choose one side, whether they want to bet on a dragon or tiger. Such card game also offers better odds, as better odds stands for winning. Playing it is the most straightforward thing, as it doesn’t offer the players strict restrictions domain for accessing and betting. Even through such card games, people can efficiently make money quickly.

  • Basic Rules Of The Game:-

There are mainly two different types of simple rules are available that a player should have to follow for making bets or playing ไพ่เสือมังกร game. So the first rule is that Aces in the games are always low so that the cards can go low to high quickly. Moreover, the second rule of the game is that if the tiger or the dragon got the same rank during the betting match, then the result will be TIE. In addition, there are no stringent rules and regulations are offered to the players or the gamblers.

  • The Payout Table:-

The payout table shows that the wager, or the gamblers, will be paid the 1 to 1 at the odds, and at the tie wager will be paid 1 to 1 at odds. However, one of the most important rules that a player should know is that the dealer has to burn one card or deal with one card from both sides. Also, if something wrong or error happens during the dealing of cards, the cards will be reconstructed. This means the dealers again have to draw out the cards for the betting match.

  • No entry charges: 

People don’t have to pay any monetary amount for entering or registering at such a gambling game. As it doesn’t charge a single penny from the bettors, the players can access such game features for free. The only thing the bettors need to do is apply for such a game at reliable online sources.


The dragon tiger card game offers the higher payouts and the better odds. Moreover, it also doesn’t cost a single money amount from the bettors or the players. Such a gambling game also doesn’t bound the players in strict limitations. It also has two types of betting rules; people can earn money from such a game just by making bets on a dragon or tiger.


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