Why is coconut good for the skin?

When we think about coconuts we think about the summer period, sun shine, palm trees and the beach. But did know that coconut is very good for your skin and super healthy?

Coconut oil and coconut water are very healthy! They increase for example the fat burning and your resistance. On top of that it is anti-inflammatory and has an antibacterial function.


Coconut oil

The oil is the most important product that arises from the coconut itself. The oil is also known as coconut fat. When it reaches 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) it becomes liquid and it will become ideal for cooking, or to remove make-up from your face. The oil is very suitable to use as massage oil for the skin. It does not only smell nice it will bring you into a summer mood.


Not bad right? That is also the reason why we use coconut into the Greenland products. You will get a holiday mood from the fragrance and that is something we want to provide you with our products. Like in the wonderful hand cream which is enriched with essential oils from coconut and tangerine in combination with cacao butter, glycerin and vitamin B5. But also the Fruit Emotions scrub salt in this fragrance is a great recommendation for the summer, in this product the oils of the coconut and tangerine are combined with the fine Atlantic sea salt. Just great to scrub under the shower or in bath, but it also contributes in removing the dead skin cells of your body. Leaving it soft and smooth again.

A finishing touch? Use the body butter or body lotion in the same fragrance to optimize the fragrance experience even more.

About the author:

Ilonka is working as Marketing Manager at Holland Beauty Concepts and loves "treating her senses" with cosmetics and wonderful innovative bodycare products. She also enjoys running, philosophy and reading.

Why is coconut good for the skin?