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Treat your senses, naturally

Greenland was established in the Netherlands in 1990. The Greenland brand is entirely dedicated to developing bodycare and home cosmetic products based on natural ingredients. At this moment, Greenland is an international brand, sold in 31 countries worldwide.

Our mission is that ‘Greenland treats your senses with pure, honest products from Holland’. We believe in high quality bodycare products and home cosmetics based on natural ingredients, tempting fragrances and with outstanding packaging, based on so called Dutch Design.

Greenland, the story: How it all began

Our founder, Dutchman Jan-Willem van Kempen was a former forestry student, who loves and understands nature. He was fascinated by flowers, fruits and herbs from all over the world.
Jan-Willem was a pioneer in design, product formulations and packaging. His first Greenland range was called ‘Out of the blue’. Jan-Willem himself admits that these products were way ahead of their time, but that’s exactly what he wanted: he wanted to make natural, organic products accessible for everybody with attractive originally packaging and design. ‘Out of the blue’, like Jan-Willem was progressive and innovative. Since this first range, Greenland became famous all over the World for its exciting and pioneering collections.

Our distinctive an attractive packaging and labels have been awarded several design prices worldwide. Jan-Willem even received the FINAT Label Award, given to the world’s best label, in the cosmetics category in 2005 (Fruit Extracts collection), 2006 (Milky collection) and in 2008 (Bio=Logic collection)!

The first Greenland line was called ‘Out of the Blue’. Jan-Willem admits that the products were far ahead of their time, and that was precisely the intention. He didn’t want to foster a tree-hugger image, but to create organic products that were accessible to everyone. ‘Out of the Blue’ was progressive and innovative, just like Jan-Willem himself. Since that time, Greenland has become known around the world for its natural, exciting, and refreshing assortment in which me-time and pampering are central.

Because Greenland grew so rapidly between 1990 and 2002, Jan-Willem and his wife had to move 5 times. In 2001 they took the decision to outsource production at established cosmetic producers. Despite now being an international brand sold in nearly 50 countries, all Greenland products are still manufactured in the Netherlands or in Belgium. Greenland’s stock is just a stone’s throw away from the port of Amsterdam where the products are shipped all over the world. But it’s still like old times when orders are packed and gift sets are assembled at a table. It reminds us of our humble beginnings: making beautiful products at Jan-Willem’s kitchen table.

About Greenland nowadays

Greenland’s present labels and packaging are based on Dutch Design. Dutch Design is a term used to connote design in the Netherlands. It can be characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky, and humorous.

About Greenland
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