Treat your senses, naturally

Greenland was established in the Netherlands in 1990. The Greenland brand is entirely devoted to the development of skincare and home cosmetics based on natural and organic ingredients.

The fruit extracts, essential oils, and natural butters in Greenland products protect, moisturize and nourish the skin, and are a treat for your senses. The ingredients are tested in a natural, comprehensive way, and never tested on animals. So naturally satisfying!

Naturally, our products are put together with the utmost care, and in addition, Greenland pays a great deal of attention to the packaging. The Fruit Emotions range and the Lip balms are packaged in stylish and recognizable aluminium packages. The products optimally treatthe senses: they have a fantastic scent, they feel terrific on the skin, and they look great. They’re justifiably eye-catchers in your bathroom or bag!

Greenland is a brand of Holland Beauty Concepts B.V., and we currently export to more than 35 different countries around the world.

Greenland then

Greenland, the story: How it all began

Jan-Willem van Kempen is a nature lover par excellence, and who has studied Forestry. Out of his knowledge and love for nature, he began to think about body care products based on aromatherapy, with which all women could pamper themselves. He established Greenland and, with his wife, made gift sets at the kitchen table of their home in The Hague.

The first Greenland line was called ‘Out of the Blue’. Jan-Willem admits that the products were far ahead of their time, and that was precisely the intention. He didn’t want to foster a tree-hugger image, but to create organic products that were accessible to everyone. ‘Out of the Blue’ was progressive and innovative, just like Jan-Willem himself. Since that time, Greenland has become known around the world for its natural, exciting, and refreshing assortment in which me-time and pampering are central.

Between 1990 and 2002, Greenland grew so quickly that Jan-Willem and his wife had to move the operation five times. In 2001, they decided to outsource the production to existing reputable cosmetic producers. Although Greenland is now an international brand that is sold in more than 35 countries, all products from Greenland are still manufactured in the Netherlands and Belgium. The warehouse is a few steps from the port of Amsterdam, and from there the products are distributed around the world.

Greenland now

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