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‘Greenland believes in me-time and in treating your senses in a natural way’

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The natural skincare and home cosmetics from Greenland are available in 35 countries around the world. Do you want some me-time?  Do you want to know whether Greenland is also available in your country? Click your mouse on a country, and you can see that in a flash. Wherever you live in the world, we hope that the Greenland products will also satisfy your senses!

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Greenland bodycare is a brand for natural and organic skincare

Greenland natural bodycare believes in me-time: a moment for yourself. The products from Greenland are free of parabens and artificial colours, they indulge & excite your senses with a natural composition. Scents play an essential role in our lives and at Greenland. Scents in particular are very personal and always linked to emotions and memories. That’s why it says on our products, “Scent has the power to transform our emotions.” The Fruit Emotions range, for example, consists of exciting scent combinations. The natural skincare range stimulates you and gives you energy. Fruit Emotions is packaged in our recognizable aluminium packaging, and for all Fruit Emotions products, we work with at least 95% ingredients from natural sources. Our Lip balm line also has an aluminium look. Without paraffin and parabens, and with only natural butters and oils our lip balms include at least 98% ingredients from natural sources!

Greenland natural skincare is the solution for rough and dry skin. However you use Greenland in your daily skincare ritual, your body will feel protected. Our organic products give that natural feeling that is a typical characteristic of products from Greenland: me-time, moisturizing, and pampering the senses. Of course, our products have not been tested on animals. Products from Greenland have a positive effect on body and soul in a natural way. Treat your senses, naturally.